Made In


“Made In” offer scholarships, Accessories, costume jewellery, gifts and jewelry 925 Offriamo prodotti Made In Italy certificati Dal 2002 our business strives to find the right products to offer to customers, dando la possibilità […]


Piazza Aurelio Saffi (San Giovanni)

Piazza-Saffi-Civitavecchia (4)

Piazza Aurelio Saffi is located in one of the central areas of Civitavecchia. The great thing about this place is that despite various renovations, still today conveys the feeling of being in a medieval town thanks to the walls, still visible […]


Pachamama SAS Seamen And Tourists Services


Send money, change money (no commissions), mini market italian/ethnic food, Internet point, phone center, RIA, Western Union, Money Gram souvenirs and many other services to Civitavecchia (The Port Of Rome). Pachamama SAS has specialized for years in the enter and shift money. […]


Eurolink SAS


Our activity is aimed mainly at a foreign audience of ’ people, both locals and tourist transit. The services offered are: Telephony: national and international preferential lines to all destinations worldwide Internet point: with high speed connection […]


Piadina House

Tables Piadina House Civitavecchia

Piadina House offers the best homemade tortillas in Civitavecchia.   The product offered is DOP (protected origin denomination) The flat bread is made with the following mixture of own production: Olive oil, flour (or yeast), water, Salt. Besides the piadina, […]


Italian Looks


Made In Italy style available to enhance your beauty with the best beauticians and hairdressers. The staff of the “Italian Looks” is constantly updated by attending courses and seminars to ensure the best results and […]


Madam Mim

Maga Mago 50 Civitavecchia

From 1993, in the heart of the city of Civitavecchia, the best brands of toys, gadgets, articles for Carnival and souvenirs. Madam MIM can be considered among the best shops of civitavecchia that sell the items described above and what […]


La marina


La Marina (Waterfront), After various redevelopment work has become a strong point of attraction for this city. Consisting of two parallel walks along Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, goes directly to the area of Pyrgos. This section is divided into two different heights: […]