Church of the Holy Japanese martyrs

Church Japanese Martyrs In Civitavecchia


The port of Civitavecchia, in 1860, was the most important of the Papal States.

Religious missionaries, before leaving, There were habitually and for this reason it was necessary to find a meeting point.

First the convent was built, the friars also built a church initiating the work in 1864 and consecrating it in 1871.

Was named after brother Francis San Pierbattista and 25 his brothers who were martyred on 5 February 1593 to Nagasaki in Japan.

Father Thomas of Rome, as Minister provincial of the Friars Minor, He asked the Bishop Monsignor Camillo Bakker for the ’ named region of “Four Doors” located currently on the via Aurelia, to build the parish.

During the bombing of 1943, the Church was destroyed and only in 1950 (the year of the Great Jubilee) the new church was consecrated on the feast of St Francis of Assisi ’.

All ’ it is possible to admire frescos and mosaics executed by the Japanese painter Lucas Hasegawa, who after converting to Catholicism, He went to Rome in 1950 to celebrate “l ’ Holy year”.

The figures stand all ’ visitor's eye are those of the Holy Mother and child Jesus, next to which are painted:


The first Jesuit who brought the Christian religion in Japan “St Francis Xavier”

The first Japanese to land in the town of Civitavecchia “Hasekura Tsunenaga”

The protector of Civitavecchia “Saint Fermina”

The founder of the ’ order “St Francis of Assisi ’”.


If you move the look you can see the 26 Japanese martyrs fallen on 5 February 1597 on the Hill of Nagasaki.

The magnificent frescoes all ’ in the parish, associated with religious significance, make it the seat of the Holy Mass in honor of the martyrs which takes place once a year every Sunday before or after ’ 6 February, that is, the date that is the feast dedicated to the most Holy Japanese martyrs. In this mass, are normally present ecclesiastical dignitaries of the Vatican, Ambassadors of Japan, military authorities, the city's religious and civil.

Nell ’ last period, This parish is home to various events; including sacred music concerts and congresses to increase cultural exchanges between Italian and Japanese people.

Japanese martyrs Church


Church of Japanese martyrs

Mass schedules:

Weekdays: 18:30

Eves: 18:30

Holidays: 8 – 10:15 – 11:30 – 18:30

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