The Pirgo



The Pirgo, called “seafront in Civitavecchia” It is one of the most frequented by residents and tourists, due to its beauty and various activities that offer pleasant moments spent in front of the sea. Presents:


A promenade along the coast with a platform built directly into the water.

The walk is easily accessible through various staircases posed along the beach that make it easy to reach both areas, It is completely into a pedestrian zone and, especially during the summer ’, is very busy both day and night thanks to the numerous locations offering catering during daylight hours, becoming veritable disco-pub overnight.

An area bordering the sea where some establishments and various attractions.

This is partly run by establishments, during the summer season, offer the opportunity to rent deckchairs and beach umbrellas where you can sunbathe and swim. There is also an area of beach free.


Very impressive is the square that stands in the sea (dubbed “La Rotonda”), easily reached along an arched bridge. The town of Civitavecchia, He has recently made some changes to make it more welcoming this magnificent place.

From the roundabout you can admire the splendid Civitavecchia directly from the sea.

The Pirgo


The Pirgo

Ideal for recreation in the outdoors near the sea to Civitavecchia thanks to a long walk along the beaches

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