The Cathedral

Cathedral-Civitavecchia (8)

The Cathedral of St. Francis, stands on one of the main squares of Civitavecchia, It located in a central part of the city of Civitavecchia and easily reachable from the port.

It was built on the remains of a small Franciscan church faced with a necessity of enlargement due to considerable population increase.

Jobs, entrusted to Francesco Navona by Pope Clement XIV, was completed under the pontificate of Pope Pius VI in 1782.

In 1943 was bombarded with serious damage, in 1950, on the project of architect ’ Fawzia Marconi was completely restored.

The ’ main entrance is characterised by an elegant fan-shaped staircase ’.

The Church is on the inside with a ’ nave and its sides, a series of chapels with altars and paintings, one of these ornaments of particular interest is that of Domenico De Lanfrachis “The Madonna and child enthroned”.

Other important ’ important legislative framework, represents “the Nativity of our Lord” painting from the school of Domenico Zampieri detto il Domenichino.

The Cathedral


The Cathedral

Ideal for attending religious celebrations in one of the most beautiful places of the city of Civitavecchia

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