La marina


La Marina (Waterfront), After various redevelopment work has become a strong point of attraction for this city.

Consisting of two parallel walks along Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, goes directly to the area of Pyrgos.

This section is divided into two different heights:

the “Promenade” overlooking the sea from Pyrgos to the Forte Michelangelo giving a pleasant atmosphere especially at sunset.

The “Scenic” located above sea level and offers a lovely view of the landscape below it.

The entrance to the marina is allowed with two stairways accessed from Viale Garibaldi, a central “quite impressive but simple lines” and just a few meters away from the previous “smaller in size”, that in addition to the two communication paths, allow the city to overlook the sea.

The area is totally dedicated to the pedestrian area

La Marina


La Marina

Ideal for leisure in harmony along the coast from the city of Civitavecchia

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