Olive Grove Park

Olive Grove Park 2

The olive grove park, at the beginning of the middle course. It takes its name from the presence of numerous olive trees, ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities and for those who want to spend time in total relaxation.

Sports enthusiasts who wish to exercise, They can enjoy a stroll through nature, or, a small dirt path that surrounds the area of ​​the Park dell'Uliveto ideal for jogging. Also, you can find various tools to do gymnastics.

Inside the park, There are a football pitch and a tennis court can be used for most of the day.

Also a ’ picnic area for toddlers, next to which there is a large square made up of several steps and a wall that surrounds. This, during the summer it is used mainly to host events of various types.

It is not difficult to relax in this place, In fact there are both benches that point where you can sit on the lawn.

The entrance to this park is also allowed to animals, has a fenced area for dogs, that can run free, supervised by their masters.

Olive Grove Park

Olive Grove Park 2


Olive Grove Park

Ideal for people who wish to practice physical activity or just to spend some moments in relax

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