Kp Square


Alex square is the oldest square in Civitavecchia, situated in the Centre of the characteristic medieval village, represents one of the most scenic areas of the city.

Takes its name from a legend where there is stars Leandro, an old sailor.

Legend has it that after the ’ invasion of Saracens in’ 828 d. C. , citizens forced to take refuge in the countryside, they decided not to return to the sea and to found a new city near the mountains.

When the majority of people had declared in favour of staying, Leandro, exposing the people their ideas, managed to convince him to change their minds and return to the old town, later renamed Civitavecchia.

This square, surrounded by historical buildings and church “Star” welcomes a beautiful fountain in the center of medieval origin.

Around this area, among the ancient medieval streets, You can enjoy typical local dishes in the many restaurants, some of which are present in this place for many years.

Kp Square


Kp Square

Ideal for finding yourself in a place that manages to convey an older feel in relation to its surroundings thanks to the presence of some medieval walls

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