Taurine term

Terme di Traiano

The Terme Taurine or (di Traiano) they take their name from a legend in the travelogue of the poet Claudio Rutilio Namanziano told in 416 d. C. , said that the birth of this spring occurred by a bull that, before you start a fight, with his hooves as he scraped the Earth at the bottom to escape a hot sulphurous water source. Hence the name Terme Taurine.

In ancient Rome the ’ cult of the baths was widespread, the Emperor Trajan ’ loved to spend his days in this place, precisely for this reason, In addition to original name, take the name of the ’ Emperor Trajan.

This Roman archaeological site is located on a hill a few kilometers from Civitavecchia and can be considered one of the most important thermal buildings all over the territory.

Over the years there were several interventions at the expense of the State that brought to light the remains of this archaeological site.

Currently the Terme Taurine are not running, but you can visit this wonderful site to admire the ancient remains.

Very impressive is you can wander through the pool adorned with mosaics dating back to a period so far ’.

The waters that once filled these tubs spas had beneficial properties, so much so that its source was named “miraculous”.

Taurine term

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Taurine term

Ideal to satisfy their curiosity in Civitavecchia historical admiring a fascinating place where once stood the baths from the miraculous water ’

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