Antonelli Park

Antonelli Park

Antonelli Park (known as Parco della Resistenza) consists of several areas where you can have fun in different ways.

Inside was formed artificially a hill for those who go mountain biking and you can have a leisurely bike ride through a cycle path.

Even the little ones can have fun, with the control of adults, thanks to an area dedicated specifically to them with different games.

The park is quite large and has been improved over the years thanks to municipal works that have brought to light an area very well known in the city of Civitavecchia.

Like all parks that are observed, you can relax surrounded by greenery, sitting in the shade of pine trees on the comfortable benches or directly on the lawn.

A small part of this place is reserved for anyone who wants to spend free time in peace with your dog, trying to keep it clean.

This space is crossed by a road paved and covered you can walk that connects “Viale Palmiro Togliatti” with “Via Achille Montanucci“.

Many visitors to this area, use the Park Antonelli as environment to enjoy the delights you buy in stores nearby.

Antonelli Park

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Antonelli Park


Antonelli Park

Ideal for spending free time in an environment that manages to convey peace and privacy

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