Church of the Immaculate Conception


The Church of the Immaculate Conception, also known as “Church of St. Anthony Abbot” O ” Church of the Ghetto”, It was built around 1740 under Pope Benedict XIV and known for a miracle that took place within it.

Outside there is a monument created by sculptor Turin “Remo Riva” during the period after the First World War and to be dedicated to the fallen of the First and Second World War, as shows the plate underneath the monument “Children of the fallen for their country 1915-1918-1939-1945“.

This gives the naming of the square “Heroes' Square

On the walls of the main facade of the church, are present 3 plates very significant:

a plaque dedicated to the military chaplains who exercise their ministry in war and in peace testified (referring to the spiritual assistance during the war)

two plates that resemble the fallen in the Great War.

At the entrance we can admire a crucifix made of wood ash from a soldier who around the year 44, who went to Civitavecchia after a vote, not having the appropriate skills to carve, He decides to travel to Milan to study at the Academy of Brera in order to acquire the right knowledge of human anatomy. After that he returned to Civitavecchia to leave this tribute.

Around the year 1854, while preparations were taking place for the communion of some children, the lady moved her eyes. This miracle happened before the eyes of the boys repeating from time to time for three consecutive months, It is doing that bishops could verify the incident.

After this event, the pastor asked Pope Pius IX could change the name of the church that was previously “Sant'Antonio Abate” in “Immaculate Conception”. The Pope accepted the request, but she ordered him to keep within an altar dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot.

Inside are 6 chapels, each dedicated to a saint.

L”building is very welcoming and is located in one of the central areas of Civitavecchia.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

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Church of the Immaculate Conception ’

Ideal for a nice break art/religion in the middle of a stroll on the Boulevard of Civitavecchia

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